Artist Kajsa Sjodin

"It is hard to really explain the many reasons why one, me in this case, have such a strong desire, fear and spiritual practice in making images that speak my mind, and deliver a message with sometimes such a punch it brings tears or laughter to the viewer.

This thing is what, on a good day, comes through me like a warm wave. Everything is possible!

Art is this thing.

Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, I have since traveled far, to make this thing my life.
I have always loved to draw, paint and be creative, ever since I was a child, surrounded by my creative family.
I have lived and studied in places like Boston, MA, New York City, NY,
Los Angeles, CA and most recent Tulsa, OK.

From these and other places on earth I have gathered a multi cultural awareness and what inspires me are simple things, like nature, figures, faces, relationships, outer space and my children.

I work things out with big pieces of paper and simple tools that I can use with watercolors, pencils, pens, charcoal and inks and whatever else is laying around.

I like to work on several pieces at once, going in between, to create new layers, movements and thoughts.

"Today...I live on the very southeast coast of Sweden...

I am a devoted mother of four and a working artist."


Kajsa's images have been shown in a variety of places, countries and commercial advertising.

Kajsa's works of art are featured in private collections and public spaces, like the Los Angeles Metro system including stations, trains, buses and various other locations to be enjoyed by tens of thousands of transit customers. 

Visit and search Kajsa Sjodin to view the latest public art project.

Kajsa also have a Greeting Card Collection Memento Art Cards that are being featured in selected stores.